your money or your life

Imagine yourself sat in a stagecoach. Drawn by a span of four horses, coachman on top, travelling along a bumpy track. Your destination: the next best thing. A sudden jolt. Luggage and bodies get tossed about. You look out the window into the barrel of a shotgun and upon blinking, you hear the highwayman's voice stating: 'your money or your life!'

what is that about?

Your money or your life is about freedom, autonomy and choice. YMOYL questions the nature of freedom in a 'free' society. YMOYL asks how free do you want to be, need to be, can you be? YMOYL challenges the status quo. YMOYL thinks. YMOYL does. YMOYL engages. YMOYL is a daily exercise as well as a practice. YMOYL is real-life art performance. YMOYL is also a blog.

As a point of principle YMOYL does not receive any government funding and neither do I. All and any gifts are on the basis of unconditionality.