art speak

Anne van Dalen's work is not a window into some imaginative dreamscape nor is it some sort of pictorial philosophical treatise. We can also dismiss any didactic polemic so what is it? Having observed Anne van Dalen at work and discussed her work and work methods with her in some depth, I have come to the conclusion it is about materials and process and above all, experience. Quite clearly the physical action of painting is a strong component and motivation in her creative process and this can also be applied to her three dimensional work. Her finished work, or more accurately, her abandoned work is the evidence of her activity and her search for a result that resonates with her. Just how far can you take the possibilities of a work in progress before you go too far. When are you at the pinnacle of possibilities? When will one more brush stroke, one more splash, one more rub of the hands become one too much? It is a creative high wire act without a safety net. just the disappointment of killing your own child with too much attention. Van Dalen laughs at this as she admits to the despondency of failure on many occasion but this she says, is offset by the successes. But, and this is true of all artists, most artists don't discuss it, they quietly edit their so the public only see what the artist regards as the best. This is what I find refreshing about Van Dalen, art isn't a mystery and it isn't rarified. Art to her is an interaction with the physical world. Her art is a document of a short period in time. In the grand scheme of things, it is when the activity stops and the work is abandoned and becomes a frozen moment. It is a map of one person's experience as they move through this world, a marker, a sign saying 'I exist'.  - Keith Brighouse, artist