art cart living

The art cart has a small footprint. Its inside measures less than 2 square meters. Yet it operates as a shelter as well as an art studio. Its very best feature is the art cart's outside space: none other than the whole wide world! 


If I can do it, anyone can do it. The original design of the bicycle camper by Paul Elkins is as simple as it is clever. All you need is fluted plastic, dogged determination, duct tape and lots and lots of tie-wraps. 

The art part of the art cart carries a selection of conventional drawing utensils such as pens & pencils, crayons, pastels as well as some sketchpads and paper. I intend to expand on those by adding my creative energy to nature's elements earth, wind, fire and water.


I'll be travelling here, there & almost everywhere. 


Art cart meet-ups are free public events. All you have to do is to turn up.
Click the button to find out when and where the next meet-up will take place.

the map shows my most recent whereabouts (approx.)


The simplest answer would be because it's an adventure. It also happens to be the logical conclusion of the string of events leading up to this point. The latest of which being the imminent demolition of the school building I happened to reside in. Add to that a budget consisting of voluntary donations of little over €300 a month and you'll come to agree part of the 'why' is out of necessity: the art cart is rent-free.