the art of being useless


Ordinary is how I'd describe myself. On average that is. Like most people I have my moments. Shards of sheer brilliance, snippets of generosity, stretches of misery and spurs of spoilt brat syndrome.... it's all there and it's all me. You on the other hand, you are exceptionally gifted. You are pure genius and cosmic magnificence rolled into one. I am nobody without you.

art cart diy

Click on the photo to see how I built the art cart.

art collaboration

Are you a fellow artist interested in collaborating for a day? Why not invite me to your place and with any luck with our combined efforts we'll create an art explosion! Do click the button.

my art

  • Nothing lasts forever.
  • Everything that is has been and will be for eternity.

Both claims are true. In life as in art.  To consider my art anything other than fleeting is to deny its momentary presence. Knowing it will one day disintegrate may cause you heartache. It won't stop it from happening.

art cart meet-up

Art cart meet-ups are for anyone and everyone. Come and see me, talk, share, do art, satisfy your curiosity and discover the secrets of art cart living.
Click the button for the art cart meet-up schedule.

my story

Looking at the lives of others can be frustrating, painful or saddening and it can also be an engaging, boring or awe-inspiring experience. Whichever way you look at them and they at you, it is your life you need concern yourself with. For it is you and you alone who gets to live it. If you're still interested in mine, here's a read...

art cart on the road

What did the first day of my adventure look like? Click on the image to play the video.

art & basic income

I am very fortunate in having had first hand experience of the beneficial effects of basic income. From June 2016 - June 2017 I received a crowdfunded - no strings attached - 'basic income' of €1000 a month. A click on the button will take you to the press page where you'll find some published newspaper and video-interviews.